Parent Comments

John Knox isn’t just a preschool, it’s a family. All three of my older children have attended 2 years of John Knox Co-op Preschool. Each one has loved it in his own way. The thing I love best is that the teachers absolutely love the children and the families. John Knox holds a special place in each of our hearts and has not only provided a place for my children to learn and prepare for Kindergarten, but has provided a great foundation for the love of learning and the excitement of “going to school”. I unreservedly recommend it and am looking forward to returning with with my youngest child.

Thanks for this opportunity, Leslie, and I wish you a wonderful school year!

– Heather Hamby

Our family thoroughly enjoyed the 4 years we had at JKCP. This wonderful preschool provides the perfect balance of learning through play and structured curriculum. All of the teachers truly care and love the children with the patience, kindness, and warmth that they show them. You can feel good about leaving your child there and this being their first educational experience. Both of my children became socially and academically “kindergarten ready” after attending JKCP.  Being a part of a Co-op, you become part of a family of supportive parents, nurturing teachers, and adorable children. I was also on the board which let me become further involved with the school and proved to be an enriching experience. We absolutely love JKCP and would genuinely recommend this preschool to anyone!”

– The Johansen Family

I am a kindergarten teacher and I wholeheartedly recommend JKCP. My daughter attended John Knox for two years and my younger daughter will be attending in the fall. The teachers are caring, well-organized, and attentive to the children’s needs. The nurturing environment  at JKCP helped my daughter to become a confident learner and to develop good social skills.

– Erika Icay

My 4 years at John Knox Co-op with 2 kids has been wonderful experience for our family.  The teachers at John Knox have created a nurturing environment where young children are able to learn and grow.  I have been truly impressed with the endless patience and love they have shown over the years.  Beyond the classroom, being a part of the co-op experience has allowed us to be more involved with the classroom and teachers and to get to know the other students and families.  We loved being a part of the John Knox Co-op family.

– The Nothelfer Family

We have been a John Knox Co-Op Preschool family for 5 years, going into our 6th year. Our experience at the school has been great. We have found the teachers to be warm and loving. They create an environment where children feel comfortable and develop in their own style. The involvement of parents and grandparents adds to the feeling of a large family, all interested in the development and care of our preschoolers. My children that have “graduated” from JKCP have entered kindergarten prepared to learn and participate in the kindergarten environment.

– The Ornowski Family

I am a Mother of 3 children (23, 20, & 6 years) who have graduated from John Knox Co-Op Preschool. John Knox gave them the BEST first step into school. The school is clean, safe and warm. The Teachers and Parents are loving, nurturing, professional and consistent. The children learn through structured creative activities. The combination makes John Knox, if not the BEST, one of the Top!

– The Bland Family

We LOVE John Knox Preschool! It was and still is our preschool of first choice from child #1 to child #3! Our children have had the best preschool experience while attending, and even to this day, they still talk about the wonderful memories they have made! Ms. Hammer and Ms. James are wonderful! It is such a rewarding feeling to be part of a co-op program. John Knox is like a second family to us. We are so blessed to have found them!

– The Reyes Family

When you walk into this classroom it seems just like HOME! There is so much love and warmth in this environment you are sure your Child will succeed! The Teachers here at John Knox, just know exactly how to handle our active kids and teach them the life skills and academic skills needed to move on the Kindergarten. It truly is an AMAZING place! Thank you for everything!

– The Kenton Family

John Knox Co-Op Preschool, made up of extraordinary teachers and supportive parents, provide the most wonderful preschool environment. It’s a home away from home for little minds to grow and develop. JKCP is filled with love, patience, creativity, imagination, fun, and just enough structure. My twins and I were so pleased with our two years there, I can’t imagine sending my next child anywhere else!

– The Plechaty Family

We visited JKCP in October 2004. Rachel had just turned two in July. We walked in and Rachel immediately started playing with the kids in the class.The love and warmth I felt that day helped me determine that this is where I wanted Rachel to begin her school years.

Rachel did attend JKCP from 9/2005 – 6/2007. What a wonderful adventure we all had. We cannot express the gratitude we have for this experience. The teachers are caring, patient, and loving. The children develop friendships and the parents do as well.

Rachel starts Kindergarten in a week. She really does not want to go. Yesterday she was sobbing and saying, ” I don’t want to go to Kindergarten. I just want to go back to preschool.

– Thank you John Knox Co-op Preschool, The Miller Family

We have two children that attended JKPC Co-op Preschool for both the three and four year old classes. Ben and Eleanor loved pre-school and were well prepared for Kindergarten. The teachers ensured the children developed skills that helped them when they transitioned to Kindergarten. These skills included: alphabet and number recognition; fine motor (writing, scissoring); physical (coordination, playground mobility), and social (the all important how to share and get along with others!). At the end of the four year old year, the teachers did an assessment to ensure each child was ready to move on. Both Ben and Eleanor were excited and confident about going to Kindergarten and have progressed well in Elementary school. I believe their success is due largely to the guidance, support and love from their pre-school teachers. The teachers at John Knox prepared my kids for Kindergarten and prepared me for working in the classrooms.

I would (and do) highly recommend the John Knox Co-op Pre-school.

– The Marston Family

Our family has been so very pleased with JKCP. The atmosphere of the school is just like home, warm, and inviting. We have had 2 of our children attend the school, and each school day, we saw such joy and happiness in their faces when they knew it was a school day… they always looked forward to it. JKCP provided them with that perfect first-time school experience, where they learned that school is a positive, safe, and comfortable place for learning and making friends. The school’s program has just the right balance between structure and open-endedness, academic skills and social/life skills, and small group and large group activities. There really is something for everyone. I highly recommend this school if you are looking for a place for your children to feel cared for and accepted, and where they will foster a real love of learning.

– The Auer family

As a past “John Knox Pre-School Mom”, I would love to say “hi” to everyone especially Mrs. Hammer. John Knox played a very important part in my children’s educational and emotional development over the years. Our family attended John Knox from the Fall of 1980 until the graduation of our youngest child in the spring of 1990. I served in every board position possible including two terms as VP and also President.

Our children are now all grown, and I must say are fabulous adults. Mike is a computer engineer and is married, and living in Omaha, Nebraska. Kevin is a navy nurse and currently a public health officer for the navy, stationed in San Diego, California. He is also currently attending medical school. Tim is a chemical engineer working for the Department of Defense in Virginia. He is also married, and the dad to our 2 year old granddaughter, Courtney. Our youngest, Amy, is a Kindergarten teacher in Southern California.

I am currently working for a large (500 employee) medical group in Southern California as a RN. And yes, Kathie, my husband is still working for McDonald’s Corporation (38 years now).

John Knox is the best and I hope all is going well.

– The Foster Family

I cannot say enough about our family’s experience at JKCP. Since my son started 2 years ago, we became part of such a special community. My son looked forward to attending school and thrived within the classroom environment. My son grew in his self-confidence, built friendships, and developed a love of learning – I could not ask for anything more! The teachers were so in-tune to my son’s needs, as well as the needs of the other students. Plus, if I ever had a parenting question or needed some extra support, the teachers were always available for a thoughtful advice, encouragement, and a hug.

As a parent, I loved the opportunity to volunteer in the classroom and build relationships with the teachers and other parents. It was such a special experience to participate in my son’s learning and actually watch him grow within the classroom throughout the whole year. I am so thankful for the friendships our family made with other families in the community. We are forever changed because of our experience at JKCP and we could not be more thankful!

-Dana Stadelman