3 year old morning class : Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 – 11:30 am

2016 – 2017 tuition $175/month   Adult to child ratio is 1 to 4

Parent will work in classroom approximately 10 classes per year.

Child should be 3 by December 2nd.

  •  The three year old class learns through open-ended play and crafts.
  • We encourage imaginative cooperative play with other children.
  • We help the children learn how to get along with peers and express themselves and their needs.
  • This class also learns self help skills including toileting, pouring juice and washing hands.
  • Our goal is for the children to gain a positive self-image and a love for learning.
  • We also expose the children to literature and pre-math and pre-reading as well as small and large motor development activities.
  • The children enjoy music and movement each day as well.
  • The class schedule is modeled after kindergarten schedules with transitions, including circle time, free-play, centers, clean-up, outdoor play, snack-time,  and story-time.