Children shine bright at John Knox co-op Preschool

School Curriculum

Our 3 classes (3 year old, 4 year old, and Pre-K) are play based with an emergent curriculum approach where learning comes from each child’s interests and actions. Our program nurtures the whole child’s emotional, social, physical and cognitive development.  Our program has thrived by integrating many outside curriculums, activities and resources into our classroom environment.  It is also continuing to evolve which allows us flexibility to accommodate the interests and needs of each class.   During open play-time during each class, the children explore different activities and are self-directed learners. The classroom has interest areas including spaces for art, play dough, reading, block building, drawing, dramatic play, dress up, family life, science, manipulatives and puzzles. Our play yard has swings, a tricycle path around our lawn, balls, sandbox and planter box in addition to our play structure.  Each class of 24 children follows a schedule that is similar to what will be expected in kindergarten.  We have circle times, open-play time, outside play time, clean-up, music and movement and snack.  Our experienced staff is warm and encouraging.  Parents add so much to our classroom by working in the classroom alongside the staff. 

 Please schedule a visit with our registration chair to visit our classroom.