Pre-K class: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12:20 – 3:15 pm

2016 – 2017 tuition $275 /month   Adult to child ratio is 1 to 5

Parent will work in classroom approximately 20 classes per year.

Child should be 4 by July 31st-  

Also class is designed for those who are age eligible for

TK or kindergarten but would benefit from the gift of another year.

  • The Pre-K class builds on the skills of the 3 year old class and in addition to incorporating all the aspects of the 4 year old morning class mentioned above,  the crafts and centers are different.  Also because this class has older students we are able to explore more subjects in-depth as the older children often have different interests and ask different questions.
  • This class has an additional session each week so we integrate extra activities, games and centers.  For example we have added science and craft centers.
  • Our literature experiences include making predictions, retelling stories and role playing and additionally creating alternative endings and imagining new stories.
  • This class has a daily writing center, which exposes the children to various writing and small motor activities.
  • Children are encouraged to learn smaller site words and we encourage expression of ideas through drawing and independent writing.  
  • We also have a listening center focused on early readers.
  • There is an art appreciation program where children learn about artists and their work.  

The children also perform in a music program during the year.